With cool mornings and a more temperate climate, summer in Seattle feels more like a spring or fall than anything else. While our friends and families have been sweating it out for the past month back on the east coast, we’re still leaving the house wearing a light jacket most days.

IMG_20160611_180011069A rain jacket for Adventure Beagle

So far we’ve only had one day hit the 90s, but since most rentals don’t come with AC, we had to tough it out until Jason decided to macgyver one himself.

IMG_20160606_174033904IMG_20160606_174350634$20 well spent

Last weekend we decided that a trip to the beach was just what we needed to feel like summer had really begun. After a last-minute hotel room score and a 5 hour drive through Friday rush-hour traffic, we found ourselves in Cannon Beach admiring one of Oregon’s most recognizable landmarks.

DSC_3454Haystack Rock

In between checking out the town, lying on the beach, and laughing at Loki trying to catch seagulls, Jason managed to get some awesome photos of all the beautiful scenery.

DSC_3735Never gonna happen

DSC_3540View from Ecola State Park


DSC_3564Photo shoot in Ecola State Park

Untitled_Panorama2Haystack Rock




DSC_3645Below Ecola Point



4 thoughts on “Sunsets and Sand

  1. Fantastic pictures. What a lovely place. Adventure beagle sure is lucky. Hey they are bringing back MacGuyver this fall. Jason should apply. Duct tape, ice and a fan… what could be better. Stay cool.


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