Some trails are hard to get to when you have a small car with low ground clearance…

Case in point

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but that section of the road was pretty rough. It had started out bumpy but manageable, requiring some thoughtful maneuvering around the sections of potholes and deep divets that popped up during the 7.9 mile stretch. Less than 1/4 mile from the top we got to this section, and we decided it would be smarter to leave the car behind and walk the rest of the way to the trailhead.

We had decided to switch things up and go for a sunset hike as opposed to an early morning one. Jason wanted to attempt some sunset photos, and since Sauk Mountain is a popular spot, we figured there would be less people around later in the day.


We only saw about 8 people total

The plan was to be at the peak by sunset, and according to weather reports it was going to be warm and partly cloudy; perfect for some sunset photos. Unfortunately when we arrived some angry-looking clouds had started rolling in, and the weather was not exactly what we would call warm.



We considered not even attempting the hike, the skies looked like it could start raining any minute and the clouds were already starting to obscure the peak.


But we had just driven 2+ hours to get there, and we didn’t want this to be a waste of a trip. We decided to go as far as we could on the trail and turn back if the weather got much worse.

DSC_4494Into the clouds

Good thing we went through with it! Most of Sauk Mountain Trail is exposed, and there were phenomenal views our whole way up. The clouds did eventually clear up, and even though there were a few that blocked most of the sunset, Jason was still able to get some amazing photos. We both agree that this hike had the best views yet (as you can see from the large amount of photos below). Enjoy! 🙂




























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